Ultrasound Imaging for Pets

We are pleased to introduce Ultrasound technology into our veterinary clinic. Ultrasound, the same technology used to watch the development of a human fetus, is a safe and effective way to look at and evaluate the health of the internal organs of pets.

Ultrasound technology is a diagnostic tool that utilizes sound waves to form a picture of the inner muscles and organs within your pet’s body. The sound waves are undetectable to human or pet ears and produce no harmful effects to your pet.

We may request an ultrasound of your pet for many reasons. Some of those reasons include: vomiting or diarhea that has lasted for long periods of time, recurring / chronic infections, your pet is pregnant, changes in urinary habits and bowel movements, geriatric evaluations, follow-up evaluations, fluid retention in the body such as chest area or abdomen, unexplainable weight loss, abnormal bloodwork, cancer evaluations, pre and post surgery, pre-biopsy, and other reasons that may need evaluation.

Performing an ultrasound may not always determine if an organ is working properly, so other tests may be ordered in conjunction with an ultrasound; however, an ultrasound will help us determine the location, size, shape and texture of an organ and blood supply. This helps ensure a more thorough evaluation of your pets medical condition.

If you are interested in learning more about our service, or would like to order an ultrasound evaluation for your pet, feel free to call us at 281-326-2832. We’re looking forward to meeting you and serving your pet’s health needs.